Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hunter and Mom Scarecrow Festival

Hunter and I decided to have a little fun while Dad and Gavin was spending some quality time on the deer hunt. This day was great up until the point Hunter disappeared!!! Yes gone.. M.I.A. He came off a ride and next thing I knew he was gone. Face painted like a skeleton and I couldn't find him for nothing. He has went off to look for his cousin Nick, which he thought went on another rie, he then got lost and scared. It seemed like forever and I honestly thought he was gone horible go through our mind!! We contacted security and my mom found him roughly 15 minutes later. What a day!!! Love your kids no matter how crazt they drive you!!


Katrina said...

Wow you Did update it! Love the pics! Keep it up! People will actually remember to come to your blog if you keep updating it! way cute